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The Issue

Ice and snow buildup on transport trucks and other commercial vehicles is a serious issue that affects EVERYONE who drives in Nova Scotia during the winter.

The ice and snow that flies from the tops of vehicles traveling on our roadways poses a serious threat to the safety of other commercial drivers, motorists and the general public. Trucking companies could also face personal liability claims for injury or death.

The Cold, Hard Facts

Sounds like an easy solution doesn’t it? However it’s not always easy or safe for drivers of large transport trucks and other commercial vehicles to carry out this important responsibility.

  • Drivers of large transport trucks risk a serious slip or fall every time they manually remove ice and snow from their trailers.
  • On-site facilities or de-icing services are not available to all truck drivers.
  • Several trucking companies currently have best safety practices for clearing ice and snow from vehicles.
  • Commercial trucking companies need to provide more safety education for their drivers (i.e. conducting thorough pre-trip inspections, conducting hazard assessments and job safety analysis) for removing ice and snow safely.

Let’s Crack this Issue

That’s why the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association is launching the “Help Break the Ice” campaign this winter. We want to:

  • create awareness and start talking about the dangers of ice and snow buildup on trucks and trailers.
  • make the trucking industry aware of its responsibilities - as drivers, operators and trucking companies.
  • provide a place to share your thoughts, ideas and best practices for safe ice and snow removal from transport trucks, trailers and other commercial vehicles.
  • take the input we receive from you to help us find solutions for our industry to ensure the safety of everyone as well as ensuring compliance with government legislation and regulations.
  • keep all motorists and truck drivers safe.

Help us Break the Ice

We want to hear from you!

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Contact NSTSA for more information or to obtain your free Help Break the Ice awareness poster (supply limited). Toll Free: 1-888-329-9660 http://nstsa.ca/contact/


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